Vantress Law Group was formed in 2009 by Robert Vantress, who has 27 years of intellectual property and complex commercial litigation experience.

  • Intellectual property, Computer & Internet, including copyright, patent, trademark, trade dress, trade secret and related unfair competition claims
  • Labor and employment
  • Real estate, securities, trust, business torts and contracts and other complex or commercial litigation experience
  • Ethics and professional malpractice law
  • Insurance coverage, suretyship, indemnity and similar matters pertaining to the funding of defense of liability claims

Methodology and Emphasis

Clients come to Vantress Law Group and its network of experts when they have a tough or complex case, and want a forceful, experienced, passionate, exceptional advocate.

Vantress Law Group focuses on results which include problem prevention as well as resolution. Robert Vantress has developed a 10-point methodology for success which includes: problem analysis, identification of client needs and budget, finding the path of least resistance, and preparing the winning argument. With this proven methodology, matters can be resolved quickly to the client's satisfaction. This involves problem solving, advocacy and tenacity, planning and preparation. If the matter is such that it must be tried in court, Robert's skills, experience and methodology have led to multi-million dollar awards or settlements.

Work & Billings Review

Although Vantress Law Group traditionally handles matters on an hourly basis, the law firm offers alternative billing arrangements which provide clients with fixed budgets and greater cost-predictability.

Vantress Law Group will consider handling plaintiff cases on a contingency, hybrid or mixed-fee, hourly rate, success-related bonus, or court determined basis as determined after evaluation of the legal merits of the case.

In some cases, flat or capped fees can be appropriate. Vantress Law Group offers a menu of certain flat-fee services with well defined scope-of-work for clients which provides more predictable fees.

10 Keys to Success

  1. Achieve the client's highest level of trust and confidence - and maintain it.  Take the client's point of view.   For example, look for the arguments and facts that best present from the client's perspective.
  2. When necessary, be a gladiator on the client's behalf.  However, maintain the highest professionalism and credibility at all times towards any adversary, arbitrator or jury.
  3. Provide timely and responsive service.  Provide practical "real world" - not just legal - answers to the client's questions and needs.
  4. Listen to the client at all times.  Early in the case, identify the client's needs, goals, potential problem areas, key factual and/or legal issues and "hot buttons."  Discuss and agree on key elements of the strategy/plan to achieve goals.
  5. Understand the psychology of the problem.  For example, what motivates the client and the adversary that might be contributing to the dispute? Develop a strategy that addresses this factor.
  6. Provide top-quality service and advice to achieve an optimal litigation outcome in light of the client's goals.
  7. Focus on key issues and avoid unnecessary - and costly - diversion to "collateral" issues.  Avoid protracted court battles by looking for creative ways to "force issue" as early as possible in the process.
  8. Frame key issues and arguments in language that is clearly understandable to the person(s) who will be deciding the outcome of the client's case - judge, arbitrator, jury, client and adversary.  Reduce complex facts, arguments, legal principles and technology to the simplest possible language and the clearest possible presentation.
  9. Use technology where appropriate to promote efficiency, to understand the problem, and to identify answers and solutions.
  10. Know when to keep pushing for an ideal outcome - and when to advise that an alternative outcome is in the client's best interest.

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